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J.Y. Chang, CPSA, CPX was born in Taipei, Taiwan and raised in San Jose, California. Chang has been interested in art since childhood, and is mostly self-taught.

One of her earliest memories as a child was sketching puppets that she saw on television, and to this day, her work still focuses to a large degree on people and portraits. Her work also includes many still lifes, she is especially intrigued by those that contain many complex textures. Regardless of the subject of the work, her overall goal is to capture the “emotional likeness” of the subject in her artwork.

Chang has a multitude of diverse interests; she studied engineering, psychology, and management science while completing her bachelors and masters degrees at Stanford University, and art history while abroad at Oxford University.  In addition to her art, she is a usability engineer working in the automotive industry and has done a lot of volunteer work with improving the educational opportunities of underprivileged youths.

Chang’s work has been shown in exhibitions nationally and internationally.  She recently exhibited work in New York, Washington DC, and Munich, Germany.  She has also been commissioned for several pieces currently in private collections.

In addition to colored pencil, she works with oil paints, graphite, pastels, watercolor, and photography.  To see more of her work, visit  www.jychang.com

Chang joined the San Jose CPSA chapter in 2007 when one of her works was accepted into the Explore This! exhibition in Brea, California, and she was introduced to other members of the SJ CPSA chapter. She has enjoyed meeting everyone and all of the activities this past year and is looking forward to many more exciting events ahead.

J.Y.’s website is www.jychang.com

You can reach  J.Y.  at info@cpsa210.org

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