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Gemma Gylling, CPSA, is a California native who grew up on a small ranch in Southern California and currently resides in Discovery Bay, California with her family and three dogs. It was on that small ranch that she developed her love of nature and animals, especially dogs.

Gemma’s lifelong dream from childhood was to become a professional artist but her pursuit of a career in CAD design kept her from that goal for many years. After years of experimenting in oils and subsequently taking classes from a well known artist, Edgardo Garcia, she realized her artistic potential. For many years she created oil paintings portraying tranquil wildlife and nature. She then became interested in the colored pencil medium and continued her pursuit of art by taking workshops from well known colored pencil artists. She developed her colored pencil technique to a photo-realism quality. Her method is applying several layers of color using the colored pencil. The result simulates the look of an oil or acrylic painting. When people see her work they almost always say, “I can’t believe this is done with colored pencils”. Gemma is known for her attention to detail and her skill with the colored pencils, which is currently enjoyed by many animal art collectors.

Gemma has been accepted into the Society of Animal Artists, the International Guild of Realism, the Canine Art Guild, is a board member of the National Board of CPSA, owner of Scribble Talk. Her colored pencil paintings have been accepted in CPSA exhibitions along with many other nationally acclaimed art shows.

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