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Denise Howard, CPSA, CPX is a native of northeast Missouri, where she grew up on a working farm. She has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She began receiving commissions for pencil portraits while still in high school, and her world revolved around her art until she entered college and realized that she’d also need to be able to make a living. Fortunately she also enjoyed computer science, so she earned both degrees concurrently. She went on to earn a master’s degree in computer science studying computer graphics–the intersection of art and computer science–with the goal of writing software for animated features and special effects, and worked on “Antz” and “Shrek” at PDI/Dreamworks. But software engineering is all-consuming, so there was no time, or no energy, or both, for art for the next 25+ years.

Finally after 25+ years the urge to return to art became too strong to ignore, so she took steps to make room in her life for it again and picked up where she left off. Her work has won awards in the CPSA International Exhibition and the UKCPS International Exhibition.

She works primarily in graphite and colored pencil; they offer the degree of control she requires to pull the viewer in closer for details. She also draws portraits on commission; she enjoys the challenge of creating a true likeness.

Denise is a signature member of the CPSA and the UK Colored Pencil Society (UKCPS), and has Master Pencil Artist status (MPAS) with the Pencil Art Society.

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